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Restore into spring

Saturday April 27, 2019, 5:30-7 pm
Jewel City Yoga Franklin Avenue location, $40

Join Paula Reyes and disentangle from residual winter tightness through restorative and relaxing postures. Feel relaxed and lulled by the soothing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowl. This Restorative workshop is perfect for anyone looking for ways to unfold and blossom into the warm weather. All levels welcome.


Vino + vinyasa

Saturday March 16, 2019, 5:30-6:45 pm
Jewel City Yoga Franklin Avenue location, $25

Come join us for an invigorating vinyasa flow followed by drinks, connection, community, new friends and fun across the street at St. Ends bar. What more could you want out of your weekend plans?!

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INtro to Asana: Hip and Shoulder Workshop

Sunday October 21, 2018, 2-4 pm
Open Space Yoga Diamond Head location, $30

According to recent health studies, sitting is now turning into the new smoking. In today’s modern Western society, since life has become more luxurious and more accessible by doing less, sitting has made bodies more stagnant and less malleable. By sitting incessantly, the pelvis tilts posteriorly (backwards), which strains hip flexors that connect the femurs (thigh bones) to the thoracic spine (middle back), pulling onto the lumbar spine (lower back) and causing the shoulders to curve anteriorly (forward).

This workshop is a 2-hour Hatha asana practice where students will explore simple but increasingly deepening poses that could assist in opening their hips and shoulders, and realigning and reinvigorating the spine.

No experience is necessary. Beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners alike are welcome to join!


Intro to Asana: Breaking Down Chaturanga

Saturday September 15, 2018, 11 am-1 pm
Open Space Yoga Haleiwa location, $30

Chaturanga dandasana (more commonly referred to as simply chaturanga) is one of the most commonly used — and oftentimes overlooked — poses in the modern yoga asana practice. In this workshop, we will explore and analyze chaturanga — its importance, its more traditional alignment, its many variations, and its usefulness in the flow during the transition into and out of the pose itself.

The workshop will be consisted of a 45-minute hatha yoga asana class, followed by a series of stretches that will help you open your shoulders and hips. The most important and bigger part of the workshop will be to develop your own chaturanga understanding and practice.

No experience is necessary. Beginners and more experienced yoga practitioners alike are welcome to join!


The Heart of Yoga: Introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Sunday August 27, 2017, 4:30-6 PM
Open Space Yoga Haleiwa location, $30

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are considered to be the heart and core of yoga philosophy. Take some time to demystify the many translations of the original Sanskrit texts, and embrace the very essence of yoga - whatever style of yoga asana practice each of us has, we are all walking towards the same destination: enlightenment (samadhi).

We will go over who Patanjali was, and what the yoga sutras are and how they could lead us towards enlightenment more gracefully. We will break down the first three sutras within the first chapter (pada), and chant the sutras themselves so that you could introduce them to your own yoga and meditation practice.


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